Shy Guy Symptoms

There are lots of symptoms that shy guys need to overcome in order to have a more exciting and pleasurable dating life. Not too many women like a shy guy who can’t open up at all and if you plan on attracting the right women in your life then you need to first find out what you need to work on. I’ve come up with a very interesting list of symptoms that shy guys need to deal with and you should make sure if you think you’re a shy guy to read these tips. All of these symptoms can be avoided by practicing and working on your confidence levels which we’ll work on later on.

Shy Guy

Symptoms of a Shy Guy

• You can’t control your breathing when talking to a woman and you freeze up.

• You might start to shake without meaning to and this is a common symptom of being nervous and shy.

• You will tend to over-think situations instead of using common sense.

• You might start having trouble talking and your speech will seem slurred.

• You will start to sweat without any notice and when a woman sees this they usually run.

• You most likely have a bad fear for rejection and this is ok, but it needs to be worked on.

These are all common symptoms of shy guys who are nervous and we’re going to spend time over the next couple months helping you overcome these problems. You will be able to lose your shyness, but it will take lots of practice and confidence. We’ll go through some exercises really soon so that you can begin practicing to become a more confident man as you’ll see a great influx in the amount of dates you go on.

Dating Rules for Women

Both men and women have some guidelines which they should follow when they go on a date. By following the tips below you’ll ensure that you’re giving you and your date the best possible chance at clicking together. If you don’t feel like getting dressed up and such then you probably shouldn’t be looking for dates. Try following all of the guidelines below if you’re a women going on a date.

• Always make sure that you look your best for when you go on a date. The same goes for men, but women tend to always overdo the men in the looks department.

• If you’re only on your first date make sure you don’t reveal any personal details about yourself, and don’t seem desperate.

• The man should always pay and most men will offer to pay for the date so allow them too. It’ somewhat awkward and rude to offer to pay half when the man has already offered to pay, so just make him happy and let him pay for the date.

• You want to keep your date waiting a bit for you before you show up and you want to play hard to get. Tests have shown that women who play hard to get often get more second and third dates then women who offer up everything on a first date. You need to keep the man interested and guessing so you need to save some things for later on in the relationship.

• Bringing up any talk about your old relationships isn’t a good idea and doesn’t qualify as a first date conversation in anyone’s book.

• If your date doesn’t show up dressed and groomed properly then dump him on the spot and don’t even follow through with the date as he isn’t worth your time. If a man is looking for a true relationship they’ll spend time making sure there appearance is as good as they can make it.

Try and follow these tips when you’re in the dating scene as it will help you out. I’ve got many more tips and I will be making sure that I post them up on the blog as I’m able to get them written onto the computer.

Speed Dating Tips

When you’re having trouble dating one of the best ways to get back into the game is to attend a speed dating session in your city. You’d be surprised who does speed dating and you never know when or where you will find that special someone that you can care for and love. There are a few small things that you should know about speed dating before you attend a session and we’re going to look at some of those things quickly.• The dates are all timed so you’ll only have a certain amount of time with each person. This means you shouldn’t waste any time getting down to business and asking the important questions.

• You can talk about anything with the dates and some recommendations on things to talk about are goals, career, hobbies, etc. You want to make sure they aren’t a bum and at the same time ensure that they have something in common with you. Continue reading

How to Cheer up a Girlfriend

There must be many times that you wanted to cheer up a girl that you care about but you didn’t know how.

That’s not difficult at all. There are several things that women like and they will be amazed if you do that for them. If your girlfriend is mad, angry, anxious or sad what you can do for her is to take her shopping. She will like that for sure. This is what women like.

You can sit in a cafe, drink coffee or take a walk and just let her to choose what she wants and to call you to take care of the bill. If you, by any case, like shopping too, which is rare for men, be free to join her. Otherwise, give her time to look for things, don’t rush her, remind her that you should go home or watch the clock. That could only make her nervous and lead to a fight. So it would cause an opposite effect. What you want to see is smile on her face, right?

Cheer up a Girlfriend

Thing that could also cheer her up is to take her to the candy shop. Of course, only if she is not on a diet because she has problems with her weight or she doesn’t like sweets. We advise this to you because most of the girls like sweets and enjoy eating them. They can’t stand one day without them. So take her to the candy shop and tell her to order what she wants. Whether it will be ice cream, tart or a piece of cake. She will be certainly delighted. You will see how she will enjoy her favorite sweet.

Another thing that you can do for your girlfriend is to prepare a surprise for her. Who doesn’t like surprises? Show up somewhere where you know you will find her. She will certainly be happy to see you when she didn’t expect that. Thing that could make her happy is also a small gift that she didn’t expected. If she didn’t suspect it, she will like it for sure. Flowers are a nice gift. You can’t be wrong with flowers. She will like that for sure. Choose something that you know she will like. Something that smell nice, look nice and it’s well decorated. About decoration you can talk with a flower girl. We suggest you red roses. They are symbol of love and there is no girl who would say that she doesn’t like them. Give her a bouquet and you will not make a mistake for sure. You don’t have to give flowers only for holidays and certain events. In addition, you can give her a chocolate or candy box or something that you know she likes.

Finally, beautiful word and attention are the most important. Without that, there is nothing. Even a small gesture is enough to cheer up your girlfriend. Sometimes it’s only enough to joke and make her laugh to cheer her up. The most important is that you are beside her.

How to Write a Letter to a Girlfriend

Love letter is something that every girl would like to get and keep as a souvenir. She would surely remember that even after few years and gladly read it again. So if you are unsure whether to write a letter or not, please do it. Don’t think it’s an old school. No, it can be very nice.

Be alone because you will surely need peace and concentration. Nobody should bother you or interrupt you because you will stop thinking so you will not know what you wanted to write or how to finish sentence.

Write a Letter to a Girlfriend

Decide how you prefer to write, whether in total silence or with a soft, quiet music. Focus maximum and go. You should put your emotion on a paper. Write fully opened, everything you feel you should tell to the girl you care about. Be completely honest in everything you write. Be careful what kind of words are you using. Love letter should be romantic. So come up with some nice love quote just for her. You can search for help on the internet, but make sure to not write exactly the same thing.

Originality is very important. Let it be something that she has never heard. You can use hers and your name. She will certainly be impressed. Letter should be full of love so that person who reads it, feels it. Your girlfriend should feel that she is loved and that you want her. That is the main goal of your writing.

Letter doesn’t have to be long, so you don’t have to bother yourself about that. Length of the letter, or whether it has one, two or three pages, is not important. Its content is important. So don’t worry if you write only half of the page. Even that it’s enough if it’s nice written and from the heart.

Pay attention to the manuscript. Your girlfriend needs to be able to read it.

Thing you can’t do is to be vulgar. Letter is not for that. Your girlfriend will not like that. It will not make her delight and happy. The letter you wrote for her needs to remain long in her memory and her heart. And it will stay only if it’s romantic and honest.

You can send letter to her home or give it to her by yourself, we advise you with some nice romantic dinner. What matters is the act itself, actually how you will give her the letter.

Your girlfriend will surely be speechless with this kind of letter and that is what your goal was.

Learn How To Speak Spanish

Spanish is known as the language of love in many parts of the world and a lot of countries have many Spanish speaking individuals. You don’t need to be of Spanish heritage in order to learn how to speak Spanish and you’ll completely open up your dating realm by learning another language, and what better then learning the language of love.

Many Spanish speaking men and women won’t go date a person unless they can also speak Spanish so you also get to open up your options by learning this language. Spanish men and women are known to love dancing and having a flirtatious time. You can find some great people who speak Spanish that are amazing to have as a friend that you can go on a date with, and many are great for long-term relationships.

If you have no idea about how to speak Spanish there are some great online courses which offer Spanish audio courses and worksheets. You’ll be able to learn all of the basic terms and words used in the language and then you can move on to learning more fluent Spanish once you’ve laid the foundation. I’ve seen many of these programs cost $50-$100 which isn’t a lot of money if you really want to learn how to speak another language.

The language when spoken is also a lot more sexy sounding then other languages and you can have a lot more fun flirting with your date and showing them how you care if you both speak Spanish. You can also choose to learn other languages as well and one I recommend is French. A lot of people who speak English also speak French and its lots of fun to speak a little French on your date if they understand what you’re saying.

With such a diverse world we live in it’s important I feel that we learn how to speak other languages other than are native tongue. Many people across the world didn’t speak English when they we’re younger, but they spent the time learning the language and now many people who live internationally can speak English as well as there native language.

It’s not going to be something that everyone wants to do because you need to have some motivation and a reason to do it, but I suggest learning the language of love before you get too old. You’re never too old to learn another language, but it’s much better learning how to speak another language while you still have a need for using it.

A Free Psychic Reading Reveal Reveals More Than You Think

Have you ever wished that somebody could just reach out to you, right now? They wouldn’t need to be given your life story, because they would know what you need automatically. They could help you through some of the hardest situations. They could make your life easier to deal with. There would be no need to feel like you’re just going to be spinning your wheels forever. The time to act is definitely today — but where do you get started?

The truth is that you can start with a free psychic reading. You will be amazed at what the psychics can reveal about your life. They work on a higher level than you can interpret right now. Reading the energy of your life and looking forward is part of what they do. Psychics are master intuitive types, being able to understand a person’s pain even without looking at them. No wonder that free psychic readings have exploded in popularity. It never hurts to really feel like someone is reaching out for you, reading out to you, and needing you to just trust them for a little bit.

Psychic ReadingTrust is interesting because it tend sot make us feel calmer. Once you know that the psychic accepts you and wants to help you, don’t be surprised to find that you’re a lot less stressed out. We’re all walking around with so much stress these days, and it’s something that can really hurt you in the long run. For example, stress is linked to heart disease, which in turn is linked to dying at a younger age than what you would have expected to before.

The time to break out of stress is today. If you’re going to go for that psychic reading, you might as well make sure that you check out a free Tarot reading. The psychic can use the tarot cards to give you an even deeper understanding of where you’re going in life. Wouldn’t it be nice to finally feel like there’s some new clarity entering your life? Of course it would. You just need to make sure that you’re taking as much action as you utterly can as soon as you possibly can. That’s really the best perspective to take when it comes to something like this. Good luck and remember: give it a chance, because you just never know what could come of it!

Sex Chat With Real Hot Babes – Does It Get Any Better Than This

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girls chat

You might be thinking that you won’t get anything out of having the girls chat with you because you have a lot of preferences. It’s perfectly okay to want to talk to a certain woman instead of just taking anyone that comes along. You can go with a great sex chat that really gives you the power to have fun, relax, and settle in for a great evening. It’s up to you to figure out how to make everything connect together, but we have you covered.

You just need to go online and find a site that covers you from every angle. This includes showing off all of the hot sexy babies that are just waiting for you to call them. You also want to make sure that you’re going with the type of site that gives you multiple ways to have a good time. For example, are you dreaming about being able to see the girl you chat to? If so, then you might want to think about doing some webcam work. On the other hand, you want to still make sure that you are looking through recorded stories. As you can see, there’s more than one way to get enjoyment out of this.

Do the girls really get into talking to you? The truth is that most of the women you’ll talk to truly love what they do. It’s not canned or forced. When they say that they want you — they really mean it. You have to look at it from their perspective too: wouldn’t you want as job where you get to talk to sexy men all day, revealing the fetishes and kinks that most interest you?

Whether you’re looking for domination calls or just fun lesbians, there’s really something for everyone online. Check it out today!

Touching Your Partner

Many people think that how they touch their partner is fine or that it is not important, but it can make a big difference to your sexual pleasure as well as the closeness of your relationship.

Sometimes things as simple as touching, hugging and kissing can be forgotten in the heat of the moment when a couple is having sex. However, the pleasure can be much greater if the couple learn to slow down and spend some time touching each other before hand.

For example if they spend some time kissing and hugging, they will be able to associate the sex with actually making love. They will feel intimate and loving rather than just pleasuring those basic instincts. This will help to develop the relationship.


Things could be taken a bit further with some specific massage. It is nice to be able to take in turns in massaging each other as there is a lot of pleasure to be gained both from giving and receiving. This does not need to be a massage of the genitals or other erogenous zones but could just be any parts of the body. It could be a good time to find out new erogenous zones or just touch areas which have never really been explored before. There may be areas of your partners body that they do not like and touching those areas may help them to like them by showing them that you like them but it may just make them feel bad that you have noticed them. It may therefore be worth talking first about what areas to concentrate on.

The most important thing about this sort of exercise is to do it at a time when you will not be disturbed, when you have lots of time and when you are fully relaxed. No one wants to receive a massage from someone who is rushed and stressed! Even if you are just touching and exploring each other, it is still good to have a lot of time, especially if this is the first time that you have done this for a while.

It is important to remember that your partner only knows how it feels to touch themselves and so they may need guidance. Try to express how you are feeling, when something feels good tell them or ask them to be gentler or harder, faster or slower. As long as you have discussed this first it should be a good way of you both getting better at touching each others bodies. It is good to guide each others hands, talk through what is good and they may even find new sensitive areas of the body. It can be a very enlightening experience for the both of you.

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