How Do You Get a Boyfriend Back if He Dumped You?

How do you get a boyfriend back after he dumped you? At first, the shock of being dumped will leave you – shocked. But when reality sinks in you’ll start to feel the pain and the loss and that’s when you’ll start to feel overwhelmed. If you still love your ex then it’s likely you’d want him back in your life.

I know how difficult it is to let someone go. I mean, how do you go from being in a relationship to being single? When someone you’ve been together with suddenly leaves you, it’s like having ice cold water dumped on you!

Then you find yourself asking “why did he leave in the first place?” You know he didn’t cheat and you didn’t cheat so it has to be something else. If you’re asking yourself  “how do you get a boyfriend back” after he dumped you, you’re going to have to be honest with yourself. Find out why he left and what your mistakes were.

In my case, I knew I was wrong when I didn’t spend a lot of time with him. I got so used to him just being there no matter what I didn’t stop to think that he’s hurting. Sometimes, a person leaves because we’ve hurt them and we need to accept that we were wrong and hope that they could forgive us.

how to get a boyfriend backAre you ready to apologize and change?

Have you been too clingy, too needy, too controlling, too demanding, etc? Everyone has their breaking point and maybe your man reached his. He couldn’t take your attitude and behavior anymore and when he tried talking to you, maybe you just him off and told him he was overreacting.

You know you have to apologize but are you also ready to change for the better? Are you ready to accept your mistakes? Saying you’re sorry isn’t enough.  You really have to tell him that things will be different from now on. And you need to listen to him when he tells you what your mistakes were. Hearing your faults can be like a slap to the face but if you want him back, then suck it up and admit that yeah, you were wrong.

Don’t expect him to come back so soon

It took time for the breakup to happen and it’s going to take time to mend things between the two of you. When you’ve apologized, don’t expect that he’ll just come back to you. He’s going to need time to think about things and you’re going to need time to improve yourself. Remember the whole “change for the better, things will be different from now on” thing? Well, you need time to work on that.

You miss him a lot and when the loneliness is too much to bear you feel like calling him.  Then you call him again the next day, and the next. Soon, you’ll be annoying him and he might think “this is what you call making things better?” After all, you’re both on a break so you can think things through. The only thing calling him everyday will accomplish is annoy him to death.

You do have a life

He’s not the center of your universe. After all, you have a life outside the relationship and that life keeps going even if your relationship ends. It doesn’t mean you should forget about him and expect the worst. It only means that you need to heal and one way to do that is to live your life.

Now remember, you’re not going to immediately feel better. I know I didn’t. It took months before I can really say  “I’m okay.” But life goes on and you can’t put everything on hold just because he’s gone. And I realized that the more I regained my confidence and am able to stay away from him, the more he wants to talk to me.

The thing is, just because he left doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love you anymore. It could be that he really just needs time. It’s your job to make him miss you and make him realize that the two of you are meant to be together.