How to Get your Ex Boyfriend Back

Are you missing your ex boyfriend?  It turns out all those annoying little things he did all the time weren’t so bad after all!  Now it’s too late.  Or so you might think.  However, let’s think about the facts: you’re both still young, and every young relationship goes through a phase of exploration, or as we like to call it, “breaking up and getting back together.”  It’s the latter that interests you, so what are some techniques you can use when trying to get your ex boyfriend back?

Get your Ex Boyfriend Back By Resisting Your Instincts

Lesson 1 on how to get your ex boyfriend back is to resist the urge to persuade them to come back to you.  The more you try and win your ex back using manipulation or any “trick” (like saying you’re pregnant with his baby!) is not going to work.

Get your Ex Boyfriend BackEven if you temporarily win the victory you will ultimately lose the war, as he will start to think of you as a schemer.  You do not want to push or pressure your ex into taking you back.  You want him to feel attracted to you.

Lesson 2 on how to get your ex boyfriend back involves keeping your self-respect.  Be confident and assured, knowing that you don’t need the ex to be happy.  You don’t want to pretend to be happy—you want to really feel happiness inside of you!

So if you ever sense from your ex that he is only keeping you as a Plan B then distance yourself just a little bit.  You may even have to limit your contact with him until he starts missing you.  Whatever you do, resist the urge to call him or text him incessantly.

Get your Ex Boyfriend Back By Working On Yourself

Lesson three in how to get your ex boyfriend back is to work on the personality traits that you know he doesn’t like.  Do you know for a fact that your boyfriend doesn’t like you flirting with other guys?  Or, does he think of you as a bit frigid?  Whatever the flaw is, it’s no fun to think about, and can be quite depressing at times.  However, if you are serious about wanting to get your ex boyfriend back you can muster the effort needed to become a better person.

Lesson four in how to get your ex boyfriend back is to work on becoming a more attractive person.  Take pride in your appearance.  Focus on returning to the mystery and the romance that first captivated the two of you in courtship.  After you date (and especially after marriage) for a long while, the initial date personality disappears and the two of you begin to settle into a comfortable routine.  Since you have broken up, it’s time to become reacquainted with one another.

Get your Ex Boyfriend Back By Being Patient

Last but not least, be patient and be willing to let your man go…at least for a little while.  Waiting never hurts in life.  It helps. Time will let you know if the two of you really belong together.