Dating Rules for Women

Both men and women have some guidelines which they should follow when they go on a date. By following the tips below you’ll ensure that you’re giving you and your date the best possible chance at clicking together. If you don’t feel like getting dressed up and such then you probably shouldn’t be looking for dates. Try following all of the guidelines below if you’re a women going on a date.

• Always make sure that you look your best for when you go on a date. The same goes for men, but women tend to always overdo the men in the looks department.

• If you’re only on your first date make sure you don’t reveal any personal details about yourself, and don’t seem desperate.

• The man should always pay and most men will offer to pay for the date so allow them too. It’ somewhat awkward and rude to offer to pay half when the man has already offered to pay, so just make him happy and let him pay for the date.

• You want to keep your date waiting a bit for you before you show up and you want to play hard to get. Tests have shown that women who play hard to get often get more second and third dates then women who offer up everything on a first date. You need to keep the man interested and guessing so you need to save some things for later on in the relationship.

• Bringing up any talk about your old relationships isn’t a good idea and doesn’t qualify as a first date conversation in anyone’s book.

• If your date doesn’t show up dressed and groomed properly then dump him on the spot and don’t even follow through with the date as he isn’t worth your time. If a man is looking for a true relationship they’ll spend time making sure there appearance is as good as they can make it.

Try and follow these tips when you’re in the dating scene as it will help you out. I’ve got many more tips and I will be making sure that I post them up on the blog as I’m able to get them written onto the computer.