Flirting Tips

Dating wouldn’t be dating without flirting and you need to master the art of flirting before you’ll see success dating. Flirting lets someone know that you’re showing interest in them and is a starting foundation to starting a conversation. You need to learn how to flirt with the opposite sex and you also need to know when someone from the opposite sex is flirting with you.

Eye Contact

Eye contact is one of the easiest ways to flirt with someone or to see is they’re flirting with you. Some tips to look for to see if someone is using eye contact to flirt with you would be the following.

• Eyes are wide open and looking directly into your eyes.
• Staring deep into your eyes without looking away.
• Lots of blinking or eye movement such as winking.


You can tell if a woman is interested in you by picking up on what she is doing with her mouth.

• If they smile at you a lot it means they could be interested.
• If she is playing with her hair it could be a sign.
• Lip licking is a huge sign she is interested in you.


When a woman or man starts to touch you then you can be fairly confident that the person is interested in you.

• Hugging you whenever they can.
• Playing with your hands or clothing.
• Touching you for no reason just for the sake of touching you.

There are some amazing ways you can flirt with the opposite sex and you can also find out if someone is flirting with you easily. The tips above will surely help you flirt with someone you like or help you find out if someone is interested in you. Make sure you take these tips and start to implement them so you can master the art of flirting which will reflect how well your dating life goes.