Online Dating Safety Tips

Generally online dating is very safe and I know we’re all adults here, but I’ve definitely read some crazy horror stories on some message boards of people who have had some terrible encounters. With this in mind I feel it’s needed of me to write this article listing some tips that will keep you safe while searching for dates online.

Trust Your Instincts

Everyone has instincts that they follow and it should be no different when you’re engaging with the online dating crowd. If you’re approached by someone through an online dating site and you have a bad feeling about them then most likely there is something wrong and you should move on without replying.

No Personal Details

This is one tip I feel strongly about and I’m sure you’re going to see me mention it quite a lot in my blog posts because too many of you feel too safe. There is no reason that you would have any of your personal details listed online for everyone to view because eventually the wrong person will find the information and it could cause you trouble. Make sure you know the person and have had conversations with them plus seen many photos of them to verify there who they say they are before giving out anything.

Create A Dating Email Account

You should choose one of the free email providers like Yahoo or Gmail and make and email account with them solely for your dating profiles. You can keep all of your dating emails that way organized and it also will keep your personal email private from people.

Photos, Photos, Photos

You need to ensure you see lots of recent photos of anyone that you’re planning on meeting because you need to verify who they are. A lot of people nowadays have webcams and that’s the best way to be able to verify who someone is although a picture with the person holding a sign with your name would also work. Believe me many people make fake profiles with fake pictures trying to pick up people so make sure you do your homework before setting up any arrangements with anyone.

Public Meeting Places

When you do finally decide to meet someone in person you should ensure that the date is during the day time and in a public place where lots of people will be present. If your date is the person they say they are then they won’t have any problems with this request and won’t think anything of it. This is very important as this is when most of the horror stories begin.

These are some tips that will keep you safe while dating online and it’s always important you’re safe. You don’t want to put yourself in risk while looking for a date so make sure you always keep your alarm radar up and running. I hope everyone is enjoying the information so far that I’ve been writing for the blog and I can’t wait to start hearing from everyone in the comments section.