Shy Guy Symptoms

There are lots of symptoms that shy guys need to overcome in order to have a more exciting and pleasurable dating life. Not too many women like a shy guy who can’t open up at all and if you plan on attracting the right women in your life then you need to first find out what you need to work on. I’ve come up with a very interesting list of symptoms that shy guys need to deal with and you should make sure if you think you’re a shy guy to read these tips. All of these symptoms can be avoided by practicing and working on your confidence levels which we’ll work on later on.

Shy Guy

Symptoms of a Shy Guy

• You can’t control your breathing when talking to a woman and you freeze up.

• You might start to shake without meaning to and this is a common symptom of being nervous and shy.

• You will tend to over-think situations instead of using common sense.

• You might start having trouble talking and your speech will seem slurred.

• You will start to sweat without any notice and when a woman sees this they usually run.

• You most likely have a bad fear for rejection and this is ok, but it needs to be worked on.

These are all common symptoms of shy guys who are nervous and we’re going to spend time over the next couple months helping you overcome these problems. You will be able to lose your shyness, but it will take lots of practice and confidence. We’ll go through some exercises really soon so that you can begin practicing to become a more confident man as you’ll see a great influx in the amount of dates you go on.