You Know Your Man Loves You When He. . .

Face it, you are only in a relationship because you are looking for something that will last. You want to be fulfilled for life. You don’t want a relationship that is going to end in a few months. You want a relationship that is going to last for the rest of your life. So the question will inevitably pop up; How do you know when he loves you?

You Know Your Man Loves You When He:

1. Begins to pay attention to your daily routine. He asks how your day was. How your work went. How your mother, sister, or aunt was (when you go visit). He genially asks you. He isn’t asking just because he has to, but because he wants to.

2. He begins to pay attention to what you are talking about. Most guys don’t listen to woman. That is a fact. We talk a lot. We talk about our emotions, feelings, and anything or everything. When your man begins to listen to you and actually gives you an intelligent response he loves you.

men loves women3. He will often give you an excuse to touch or be by you. Men need comfort too; never forget. So when your man begins to get all touchy it may be his need for comfort. If not, then he just wants some. If so, make him for it! If he deserves it, give it to him!

4.  He makes sacrifices. Sometimes guys have things planned. We sometimes plan things when they do on the same day and time (right?). If he sacrifices that for you, then he loves you. However never forget that he sacrificed his man date to be with you! A sacrifice is a huge deal to a guy. While a woman might shove the girls for some quality time with him, he doesn’t think he gets enough of it. So it generally means a lot to him when he does it for you!

5. Once he starts bringing his friends around you, your in. This is very simple. A man will not show you off to his friends unless he loves you. It could also mean he is about, or will get serious with you in the near future. This sign basically tells you he is in it for the long hall.

You just might see that diamond ring pretty soon!

Even though not every guy will give you these signs. The general population of men will. However if you are dating an odd personality, then just ask him. Most guys will tell you the truth. If not, you can probably tell if he’s lying or not.